Reference in Germany

 ALOIS LAUER GmbH –Ludwigshafen            Workshop prefabrication, field assembly, from acid-proof, carbon steel materials and those with high-temperature, strength

 BASF AG –LUDWIGSHAFEN                            Technological pipe fitting in the chemical industry

 BIS Rohrleitungsbau GmbH – BURGHAUSEN, BITTERFELD, CHEMNITZ, DSM Emmen – Prefabrication in accordance with isometry

 EBERT GmbH                                                       Prefabrication of workshop- and steel structures

 FMT GmbH                                                            STKW Doppelblock Westfalen, GuD Diemen

 DAMBÖCK GmbH                                                Prefabrication of workshop- and steel structures

 DONGES GmbH                                                   Technological pipe fitting

 KIELGmbH                                                            Technological pipe fitting

 KFAFTWERK HEILBRONN STEIN MÜLLER                        Boiler revision

 PPS GmbH                                                             Technological pipe fitting

 SÜD ZUCKER-OFFSTEIN                                   Technological pipe fitting

 RÖHMWORMS                                                     Technological pipe fitting, installation of devices in the chemical industry

 WESSELING – SHELL                                        Revision works of the oil refineries

 WIMMI GmbH                                                      Production, assembly of food- and pharmaceutical industrial pipelines, heat exchangers

 ZAUNER GmbH                                                  Technological pipe fitting

 Installation of condensers, gas- and steam turbines:

                                               ALSTOM GmbH

                                               CCPPLivorno– Ferraris (Italy)

                                               CCPP Kraftwerk – Irsching, Timelkam (Austria)

                                               CCPP Siemens – Karsö (Norway)

                                               FMT GmbH

                                               Knapsach –Cologne

                                               SIEMENS GmbH

 Reference in Hungary

 AGROFERN ZRT.              Kaba: Biorefinery Plant

 ALTERRA KFT.                  TVK Rt: construction of the underground network of the high-pressure fire-fighting             water system of Plant No. PE4

                                                TVK Rt. construction of the network of the fire-fighting system of the ethylene storage

 AS Borsodi Energetika Kft.     AES Tisza II Thermal Power Plant: boiler mounting, technological pipe fitting, welding of heat exchangers, steam lines

 BI-MECH KFT.                       BIOGAL Rt: assembly of tanks, pipeline installation, connection of pumps, prefabrication, field assembly

 BISHUNGARYKFT.             TVK Rt.: technological pipe fitting

 EXPLANT KFT.                     TVK Rt:  isometric prefabrication of Olefin-2, field assembly

 FMT GmbH                            Gönyü: E.ON condenser and steam turbine installation

KÉSZ Kft.                                 Jabil Circuit Gyártó Kft.: structural steel fabrication and installation

 R&M TS KEMONT KFT.      TVK Rt: Connection of the pipeline for the ethylene storage, tubular bridge, prefabrication, field assembly

 Vegyépszer Rt                       MOL Dunai Finomító Rt: installation of the hydrogen plant, sulphur-separating plant

 FK Raszter Építő Zrt.           Geothermal system (Miskolc-Mályi-Kistokaj)

Kalorcenter Kft.                    LEGO heatcenter, Technological pipe fitting, pumps, cooling tower installation, assembly, welding