About us


The legal predecessor of KIM-TECH Kft. was founded by the two owners, István Képes and Mareike Képes in 2002 in accordance with the experience acquired in the assembly industry during some decades.

The scope of principal activity of our Company:

 –          Technological pipe fitting, prefabrication in accordance with izometry, field assembly

 –          Assembly of equipment in power plants (installation of the pipelines of condensers, gas, steam turbines)

 –          Manufacture of pressure vessels, tanks

 –          Manufacture, erection of metal structures

 –          Special welding processes with powder-core wires

 –          KPL plastic pipe welding, scaffolding

   Forms of contracting:

 –          primary contracting, which includes the purchase, transportation, field assembly of the necessary base materials, products, equipment, inspections, commissioning, documentation

 –          sub-contracting: performance of specific technological and assembly activities

Our company philosophy: Excellent quality, reliability, customer’s satisfaction, flexibility

The control centres, engineering offices of the Company are located in Tiszaújváros (H) and Bornheim (D). The two assembly plants can be found in Tiszaújváros, where the manufacture, prefabrication are carried out, and our workers’ in-service training, retraining to most recent welding technologies are also executed here.

 The main operational area isHungaryandGermany, in addition,Austria,Belgium,ItalyandNorway.

 Our certificates:

–          ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental health and safety: we aim at the introduction of the material, energy-saving technologies poor in waste, safe working, compliance

–          OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

–          SCC 2006 Health and Environmental Management System

–          complete quality requirements related to welding as per MSZ EN 729-2 in accordance with the decree of 3/1998/I/12./IKIM

–          authorization for the manufacture of special product as per Module G of 97/23/EC directive, decree of 9/2001 (IV.5.) of the Ministry of Economy, MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006, AD2000 Mbl. HP series EN 12952, EN 13480, EN 13455

–          it is authorized for the manufacture, technological field assembly, repairs, leakage and periodical inspection of the tanks not classified as pressure vessels, used for the storage of specified dangerous liquids and fusions in accordance with the decree of 11/1994 (III.25.) of the Ministry of Industry and Environment Protection

Our Company is an enterprise with stabile financial state, balances bank relationships. 

We perform our liabilities to pay continuously on schedule, do not have any expired debt.

 We seek for correct and long-term business cooperation with our partners.